3 Ideas For A Long Distance Date

3 Ideas For A Long Distance DateJust because you and your lover are long-distance, that doesn’t mean you can’t have dates. Here are three surefire ways to “date” your long-distance lover that will make both of you feel much closer:

The Movie Date. This is a very bonding experience to try. Choose on a movie you both want to see, and then go to your video rental store and get it. Make popcorn, settle in on the couch, and pick up the phone. Cue up the movie to the point where you are both ready to start, count down to three, and hit “play” simultaneously. You will both be watching the movie, and able to talk to each other throughout, even if you’re on opposite sides of the world. To make it even easier, play the movie while you talk on Skype or Yahoo chat. That way your hands are free to enjoy your popcorn, just like you were in a real movie theater together.

The Phone Date. Need a little loving, but you’re so far away? Plan on a phone date. Lock the door, turn off the lights, turn off call waiting, and settle in with a few candles on the mantle. Talk to your lover from the comfort of your bedroom while the light flickers around you. Bring props to bed with you – a toy or two, a small bottle of lube, and other necessities to make the phone session as hot as it can be.

The Shopping Date. Set up a date with your lover and let the internet be your guide. Shop together for lingerie, toys, and the like. Make things even more intimate by enlisting your lover’s help in choosing everyday items for your house – every time you see that certain thing you purchased, it will remind you of them. But you can take this even further – with the nice camera phones these days, take your phone into the store with you and snap photos of your options, then send them to your lover. This works especially well for lingerie shopping, when one partner tries it on and sends pictures, while the person on the other end of the line has the final say in the purchase.

Get creative with your long distance dates, and you will become even closer to your partner, no matter how many miles are between you.

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