3 Most Romantic Dates Ever

Romantic Candlelight DateIf you are looking for something romantic to do with your beloved this weekend, there are several options. Here are the top three most romantic dates you and your lover could ever have together – and the good news is that they don’t cost much at all.

Gaze at the stars. Whether you take your beloved into an open field or out to the beach with a midnight picnic and a telescope, or opt for the comfort of your local planetarium, your time under the stars will be memorable. Count on finger foods for the meal, and don’t forget to bring a map of the stars. If you want to be really romantic and go that extra mile, have a star officially named for your date, and present the certificate to her as you look at the map. Find their star, and make a romantic show of christening it with a kiss.

Take a trip. Don’t just take a road trip to a certain destination; make it several destinations! Start out early and plan your trip carefully with a map and a good idea of how much time it will take. Perhaps take your date on a trip of the wine trail, sampling wines and buying one bottle at each stop as you go. Or look at wildlife and nature reserves, leaving monetary donations as you leave. The end of your trip should end with a bang – perhaps a nice restaurant where you open up one of those bottles of wine, or a comfortable hotel room where you look at all the pictures you took of the wildlife.

Get your own private beach. Rent a home for a week in the Outer Banks, Hilton Head, or other beautiful place that offers the option of a private beach area. The sun and surf will delight you, and who says you have to wear swimsuits on your private beach? You can make the most of it by buying fresh fruits, veggies, and other requirements for a great dinner, and cook together every night. The point is in the time you spend together, and that’s going to be the most romantic part of all.

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