How To Follow Up The Perfect First Date

How To Follow Up The Perfect First DateAre you still on an emotional high after the best first date you’ve ever had? When you meet that perfect someone who makes you feel everything is going right, your instincts are to keep that person as close to you as possible. After all, something that feels so good has to be the best thing for you, right?

But hold on a minute…before you gush to your date about how well things went, take a deep breath and try a classier approach. Here are a few great ways to follow up the perfect first date, and none of them will go overboard — so you might have a shot at Date Number Two!

Send flowers. Keep it simple and sweet. Perhaps a handful of daisies in a basket? Maybe a few tiger lilies in a vase? Steer clear of roses, as they impact a bit too much “love” vibe just yet. Make sure the card is simple, too. “I had a great time…I want to do it again!” is perfect.

Make a call. Follow up the date with a phone call. Worried that it’s too early to do that? Make a joke about it: “I know calling the day after makes me seem a bit too eager…but I can’t help myself. I had a great time, and I want to see you again.” That kind of honesty will definitely catch your date’s attention and make them smile.

Keep it casual. Don’t press for another date if there is any hesitation coming from the object of your affection. Sometimes a perfect date can actually be a bit scary, because things don’t usually go so well. Give them time to get their equilibrium back and think about things. If you hear that note of hesitation, let it go and call back three or four days later to ask about a second date.

Dress it down. Was your first date a night on the town that neither one of you will ever forget? Make the second date more of a “getting to know you” kind of date. Quiet restaurant, a walk after you eat, or a pleasant picnic in the middle of the day — just plan on something that will give you both ample time to get to know each other. This way, you’re sure that perfect first date was not a fluke!

Take a deep breath. Before you jump into what seems to be the perfect relationship, take a deep breath and keep your cool. Many relationships have ended before than had a chance to begin because someone rushed things a bit. So before you plow into those uncharted waters, test the winds, and let your date be your guide. You’ve made your interest clear…now wait and see what happens!

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