Places To Avoid On Your First Date!

Places To Avoid On Your First Date!You probably have a few good romantic places in mind for that first date, but before you make those reservations and buy those flowers, think long and hard about where you’re going. Sometimes a good idea for the perfect first date place might turn out to be just the opposite. Consider these tips when deciding where to go…and where to avoid!

Avoid places you loved with your ex. The last thing anyone wants to do is relive a romantic moment you shared with someone else. Though it might be tempting to recapture the magic you lost when you and your ex split, don’t subject someone else to your fantasy. It will make them feel as though you simply want to go back to another time, and that doesn’t bode well for ever seeing a second date from them!

Avoid places your date loved with their ex! The same goes for places your date might have enjoyed with their ex. You’re ready to make new memories, not wallow in the old ones. A good way to make certain you’re not stepping into the ex fantasy is to simply ask them where they have never been. Where have they always wanted to go but never had the chance? Take them there to start out fresh and new.

Avoid places that don’t allow quiet time. That first date should be a chance to learn more about each other. You can’t do that in a nightclub where the bodies are packed like sardines, and you certainly can’t do it during that concert of screaming guitars. Make your first date something quiet and simple, like a lovely dinner.

Avoid places that dredge up bad memories. You might love that little park by the lake…but did you ever notice that cemetery beside it? Be safe rather than sorry by keeping away from places that could spark bad memories. After all, you don’t know much about your date yet. What if they are superstitious about graveyards, or recently dealt with the passing of a family member? Consider not only the romantic place you want to take them to, but what might be around that place as well.

What is their definition of romance? What you consider romantic might not be your date’s cup of tea. What do they consider romantic? Some people love a picnic on the beach, but others hate the thought of sand between their toes. Find out what your date likes and plan something that will suit you both.

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