The 3 Most Romantic Getaways On The Cheap

The 3 Most Romantic Getaways On The CheapChoosing cheap romantic getaways for your lover is not as easy as it seems, mostly because everything worthwhile seems to cost a great deal of money these days. These sexy ideas will have you on a romantic getaway without breaking the bank:

The Midnight Picnic. Take your love out for a romantic getaway with a picnic basket filled with goodies from the kitchen, a few Dixie cups and a bottle of wine, and a nice blanket that will cushion you from the hard ground. Make a point of doing this at midnight on the night of a full moon, so you will have plenty of light to enjoy your picnic. Want to make it even more exotic? Go to the top of a flat roof if you have one handy, and set up there. Play soft music and liven up the place a bit with a fancy tablecloth and long, tapered candles.

The Interesting Movie Night. Make movie night very interesting! Rent several good porn movies from the adult store, cue one up in the DVD player, and set your own scene. Throw a mattress down on the floor in front of the television, dress it in luxurious linens, and place sex toys, lube, vibes, and the like on a nearby table. Get plenty of pillows for better positioning, turn down the lights, and invite your lover to enjoy movie night with you.

The Bed and Breakfast Inn. If one of your friends or family members suggests a getaway, ask for a trip to a bed and breakfast inn. These inns cater to couples and know the value of discretion! Plan on the honeymoon suite and ask for breakfast to be served in bed, so you and your lover can take full advantage of the decadent time together. While you’re there, take in the local sites and enjoy each other to the fullest.

Using these 3 romantic getaways you will be having a great time while saving some money.

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