The Most Romantic And Unique Birthday Ideas

The Most Romantic And Unique Birthday IdeasDo you want to make this birthday the one that your beloved remembers forever? Make it special with the most romantic gift ideas! This list of crazy, zany possibilities will get you started on the road to the birthday your love will never forget.

Laugh it up at the Comedy Club. Want to make light of that big birthday celebration? Take your lover to the comedy club and sit as close to the stage as you can. Laughing the night away is sure to bring you closer. If you can somehow sneak the news of the birthday to the comedian onstage, he or she just might roll with a fantastic birthday surprise, with your lover as the star!

Get Those Hot Tickets. For your lover’s birthday, introduce yourselves to something you’ve never done before! Go see a show on Broadway. Watch a local play in the new theater. Enjoy the sound of the symphony orchestra for the first time – with your hands laced together and your eyes closed. Finish it off with a visit to a four-star restaurant.

Book a Cruise. Who says a birthday has to be only one day? Why not make it a birthday week with a cruise to far-flung islands? Book a cruise to somewhere your lover has never visited and simply tell them to take a week off – and pack their bags. The delight of a cruise is trumped only by the delight of a surprise cruise!

Walk Down Memory Lane. Take your partner back to the place they were born. Travel to the places that meant the most to them. Ask about their birthday celebrations when they were a kid, and what their favorite memories are. Finish the evening with ice cream cones and birthday wishes. You will have a heart full of memories new and old, and your lover will have the sweet feeling of nostalgia that makes the best birthdays extra-special.

Propose. Getting down on one knee during your beloved’s birthday celebration is a surprise they will never see coming! Tell your lover that because they were born on this very day years ago, your life was changed for the better – and so you want to do the same for them, for the rest of their life. It’s the sweet and romantic ending to a birthday bash your lover will never forget.

Make it a birthday that they will never forget with these romantic gift ideas.

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