Romantic Ideas For Him : Top Five

Romantic Ideas For Him : Top Five When it comes to romantic ideas for men, things like flowers and trips to the spa obviously won’t work. Men are an entirely different breed, and they should be treated as such. So, without further ado, the top five romantic ideas that will make the man in your life happier than you ever thought possible.

Have a picnic…and invite his Kids. In today’s world, the traditional family unit is a rarity. Many men are divorced, and they don’t see their children as much as they would like. Show him how much he means to you by planning a family-friendly dinner with the children in tow. Perhaps you could bring a picnic basket, a couple of Frisbees, and find a quiet spot in your local nature park? Once he’s ready to let you meet his kids, embrace them with open arms – it’s one of the most romantic things you can do for him.

Rent that hot sports car for a weekend getaway. Boys love their toys, and those sexy sports cars are no exception. Rent a hot sports car, hand him the keys, and tell him to just drive…you’ll handle the map. Your destination? A secluded cabin where you can spend some time getting to know each other more intimately – when you’re not seeing how fast that car can go, of course!

Tickets to the Big Game. We’re not talking about any game – we’re talking about tickets to the season opener, the heavily-contested rivalry, or the final game of the season. Playoffs, tournaments, and even the Super Bowl…nothing speaks love like a woman who is hellbent on getting the best tickets for the best games. If you like sports and are eager to go to the game with him, that’s a big bonus!

A Night with the Boys.
Go somewhere you know he’s going to enjoy, like the local sports bar, and encourage him to invite his friends along. Be your friendly, happy self! Tell him you’re the designated driver, so he can enjoy as many beers as he wants with his buddies. Show him that you want to get to know those who are important to him, and prove that you can hang with the boys. It’s a sure winner in the romance department.

The “All About Him” Night. This one can be great fun! Cook his favorite dinner, put him in front of the television with the remote, and while he’s eating, go change into something sexy. Men are very visual creatures, so what you wear will definitely get his attention. After a bit of television surfing, invite him into the bedroom for a very private lap dance. He will wake up the next morning with a smile on his face and a great story that will make his friends green with envy!

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