4 Dating Surprises He Will Never Expect

4 Dating Surprises He Will Never ExpectDoes it seem as though surprising a man is difficult? Perhaps it is. Men are usually the ones who bring flowers, candles, teddy bears, and all the trappings of romance to the woman they are attracted to, but a typical woman doesn’t have much experience in that department. And why not? Men don’t gush over the idea of being pampered, and the idea of giving them something romantic, such as a rose, can be enough to induce blushes of awkward embarrassment for both of you.

But surprising your lover is the key to a great date, a great relationship, and even a great marriage. Keep him guessing! Here are a few surprises that will blow him away on your next date:

Treat him. Turn the traditional on its head and take care of him! Pick him up, drive to dinner, and then pick up the tab. Take him where he wants to go and indulge his every whim. By the end of the night, he will know what it feels like to be pampered and at the center of someone’s world. That is a gift he won’t expect and will never forget!

Bring flowers. Who says men don’t like the beauty and smell of flowers? Masculine flowers, like tiger lilies or bold irises, can go a long way toward telling a man just how you feel about him. Sure, he might be a bit embarrassed, but he’s also going to be intrigued. Who is this crazy girl who gave him flowers, for heaven’s sake?

Go old-school. Remember when love letters were written on fine, scented stationary? Remember when telling someone how you felt meant taking the time to write it down and send it through the mail, then waiting on pins and needles to see what they thought? Bring back that old-fashioned sense of anticipation by sending him a love letter. If you don’t want to take the time to let the postal service handle it, slip a nice love note into the visor of his car or the pocket of his suit.

Notice the little things. If he says he likes a certain type of music, make sure to turn your radio station to that so he has his favorites to listen to when he’s in your car. If he talks about how close he is with his mother, make a point of asking about her on her birthday. Does he like a certain football team? Remember to ask about how they did this week. The more you notice the little things, the more convinced he will be that you are really into him — and that will make him even more into you!

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