Naughty Gift Ideas!

Naughty Gift Ideas! Out of naughty gift ideas for that special occasion? If your lover is interested in all things sensual, these five naughty gift ideas are sure to please in more ways than one! The best part is that they can all unwrapped together and then put to good use. Which one of these naughty gifts fits your lover to perfection?

Body Paint. Small tubs of flavored body paint, complete with soft brushes, will bring out the sensual artist in anyone. Draw your names on each other’s bodies. Sprinkle the moon and stars across your skin. Make arrows pointing to the places you most want to kiss. Cover certain body parts with murals made of sweet, sensual paints. Then do the cleanup by licking away the artwork.

Vibrator. The champion of all sensual gifts, this is the gift that keeps on giving…literally. Choose a vibrator you can both use and don’t hesitate to take your own turn with it! Whether you go for a tiny “pocket rocket” model that can be slipped into a pocket and easily concealed, or the “magic wand” type that has to be plugged into the wall to deliver the ultimate charge in bed, there is a vibrator style for everyone. Which one will you choose? That’s the biggest surprise of all!

Nipple Clamps. So your lover already has a collection of vibrators? Go a bit more hardcore and purchase a pair of nipple clamps. A staple of BDSM play, nipple clamps are favorites of both men and women, and can increase sensation tenfold. Offer them up in a lovely silk-lined box and ask one question: Who should wear them first?

An Evening of Sensual Luxury. Don’t want to go the toy route, and don’t have the taste for body paint? Give your lover something they won’t refuse. Give them a paper scroll, wrapped up with a bow, that promises an evening of sexual pleasure that is all about them. For one whole night, you are their sexual slave. Ask them to think about what they want, and then give it to them. They will be entirely satisfied, and offering such pleasure to someone else is a heady experience for you.

An Elegant Black Blindfold. Don’t know which of the above to try? You can’t go wrong with this one: a single, elegant black blindfold. When one of you is blindfolded, you are forced to rely on all your other senses, which can heighten any sensual experience. If you are the one blindfolded, your partner has permission to do what they want to do to you…and if you are the one who blindfolds them, prepare to give them the night of their lives.

A sensual present doesn’t have to take a lot of time, effort, or money. It simply demands attention to your partner’s desires and a need to please. Try one of them tonight – or opt for all of them and make it truly a night to remember!

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