5 Ways To Handle The Third Wheel

5 Ways To Handle The Third WheelIt happens to everyone at one time or another. You wind up on a date with someone hot, and they have brought along a friend. Or you didn’t want to leave your friend home alone for an evening to wallow in whatever crisis has just emerged, and so you wind up bringing someone out on the town with you. It’s important to handle the third wheel properly, so that there are no hurt feelings and everyone still has a good time. Here are a few tips:

Call another friend. If you know your buddy is going to be bored out of his mind, invite another friend along who will keep them company. Or introduce them to someone you’ve chosen as a blind date. Then you can all talk throughout the evening and put your friend at ease.

Go to a party. At a party, mingling is the name of the game. If your friend is looking for a way to get out of whatever has given them the blues, some loud music and a good beer will sort it out — and so will that absolute hottie that happens to be checking your friend out from across the room.

Keep it at home. Staying in to watch a movie and cook a nice meal is a good way to make the third wheel feel as though they aren’t in the way. And it gives all of you plenty of downtime to discuss whatever might be bothering your friend. Actually, staying at home and focusing on your third wheel might be the best way to handle the evening.

Don’t invite discomfort. You know the third wheel is going to feel uncomfortable if you and your date are all over each other while they are sitting there twiddling their thumbs and wishing they were getting some action, too. Avoid that by keeping the PDA for a minimum. And who knows? You might decide to attack each other as soon as you do get alone time!

Plan on alone time. If the third wheel starts to become a permanent fixture, nip it in the bud by planning romantic couples-only time. Make reservations for only two, not three. Choose to go somewhere special to the two of you, and make it clear that you’re going to make the most of your time alone. Dealing with a third wheel is fine for a little while, but don’t let it become a habit…it could cause a serious dent in your relationship!

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