Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!

Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!Do you want to give your date the ultimate good time? Impress her and she’s bound to come back for more! Whether you have a million dollars to spend or only a few, planning the ultimate date involves paying attention to the little details. It’s not about money — it’s about attention!

Something Unique. Choose a unique date idea to impress her. Take your date on a plane ride to that famous restaurant, if you are loaded and so inclined. Not so fortunate in the financial department? Planning to pack a homemade dinner in a picnic basket and find a secluded spot on the beach is a great idea. Light a bonfire and eat by its light. Don’t forget the comfy blanket and the wine!

Make Memories. Do something that will give you a keepsake to remember your date. Can you go on a ski lift and get a photograph? How about the roller-coaster at your favorite amusement park? Even if you are taking your new love to the new restaurant in town, make a point of getting a take-out menu and writing the date on it. That way, she knows the night was special to you, and you want it to be special for her, too.

Flowers. Women love flowers, period. Give her a lavish spread of flowers if you can swing it. If you can’t, a simple household jar filled with wildflowers picked from a meadow will show her that you took the time to make her night special — and that kind of attention makes a big impression.

The Details. Does she love chocolate? Impress her by planning to offer a box of high-quality chocolates as soon as you settle her in the car. Does she have a favorite brand of wine? Make sure you bring it along. Does she love seafood? Ask the restaurant to make something very special for her palate. Focus on the tiny details that might otherwise be overlooked, and make the entire night all about her.

Red Carpet Treatment! No matter what you choose to do to impress your date, make sure you show her the red carpet treatment. If you happen to be going somewhere with a red carpet, good for you! But if not, you can still treat her like a star by opening her door, leading her way through a crowd, and making sure the little amenities — like that chilled champagne at the table — is in place before you get to your destination.

Remind her. Call her the next day and tell her how much you enjoyed the date. Send flowers to her workplace with a card expressing how much you like her. Invite her to breakfast the next day and tell her how you feel. Let her know how much that date meant to you!

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