Top 5 Ways To Ruin A Romantic Date

Top 5 Ways To Ruin A Romantic DateYou might know what makes for a great romantic date — but what about those moments when the date comes to a screeching halt and all your romantic notions disappear? It can happen if you don’t follow some simple rules of dating etiquette.

Never, ever do these things while on a date. Unless, of course, you want to ruin the date to get out of the nightmarish night — then, by all means, have at it!

Talk about your woes. Nobody wants to hear about your job layoff, your mother’s arthritis, or your best friend’s wild night that ended with both of you arrested. Don’t talk about your money situation, the fact that you are wearing the only shirt your ex left you after burning all the rest of your things on the front lawn, or how many times you have been cheated on by people who just didn’t “understand” you. A poor-pity-me attitude is the first sign of a loser, and your date would be wise to cut and run.

Tell her you love her. Have you known her for all of two hours and you’re falling in love before dessert? Perhaps love at first sight does exist, but it’s usually a mutual meeting of the minds and comes once in a million lifetimes. It’s safe to say that this dinner at the fast-food joint is probably not that moment. Telling you love your date makes you look desperate, and that’s another good reason for your date to never return another call.

Drink too much. Oh, boy…we don’t have to clarify this one, do we? Nobody wants a sloppy drunk insisting they really are okay to drive home! Stick to one or two glasses of wine, and if you are the person behind the wheel, don’t drink a drop. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ask your date to pick up the tab. Asking someone to go Dutch should be mentioned before the date happens, and many people will be cool with that. But sticking your date with the tab after you’ve “treated” them to the perfect dinner is not kosher at all. Don’t offer that old line about how you left your wallet at home, either. Does anybody really buy that?

Call your date by your ex’s name. This is a show-stopper if there ever was one. Mentioning your ex is bad enough and should be avoided at all costs, but actually calling someone else by that ex’s name is cause to be kicked out on your ass, no questions asked. If you aren’t over your ex, don’t start dating again. It will be doing everyone a big favor.

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