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Romantic Date IdeasNo matter where you are in your relationship, whether it is a few dates young or 25 years old, there is never too little room for romance in a relationship.  If your relationship has fallen into the same old same old trap, or you are trying to ignite some spark into a new one, you want to ensure that your dates are always fun, exciting, and most importantly romantic.  Keeping the romance alive is not as much work as many make it out to be. If you enjoy your partner, sparking romance can be very easy.  For a romantic date, all you need is a little out of the box thinking, and some of these great romantic date ideas here. Try one tonight and make a point to include one of these activities into every date!

1.    Dance classes. Dancing will keep you both on your toes, and gives you a wonderful excuse to get close and intimate and enjoy a new skill together.

2.    Amusement park. Between roller coasters and haunted houses, an amusement park gives you another fun excuse to be clingy without suffering repercussions.

3.    Try something different for dinner tonight. A new restaurant?  A new recipe?  Anything new will spark renewed interest so long as it is anything different than the everyday.

4.    Take a walk. Hold hands and have the kind of conversation you’ve been missing.  A perfect chance to discuss hopes and dreams and strengthen your bond.

5.    Rent a boat.  Think gondolas in Italy, and let the waves and sea air intoxicate the both of you into googly-eyed bliss.

6.    Do something active that requires hands on activity.  Try a hiking class or even a fun wrestling match.

7.    Ice Skating. Many cities keep their rinks open year round, and this is just another fun way to get some hands on activity into your date, blow off some steam, and have fun watching each other make fools of yourself.

8.    Painting. Nothing inspires romance more than a little creative outlet.  Take a painting class or stay home and have all the fun with some sexy body paints.

9.    Take a scenic drive. No better forum for open communication and a shared appreciation of nature and all that it offers.

10.    Go to the Theater.  Women love to dress up, and it sets a beautiful tone for romance and togetherness.  Be sure that you attend a show or play with a strong schmaltzy love story.

11.    Cook a meal together.  Cooking with your mate is intimate, sexy, and can be very romantic.  Feed each other tidbits as you do so, and if you think things are going to get heated, choose a recipe that needs to sit in the oven for a bit so that you can work up an appetite with each other while it’s cooking.

12.    Wine tasting. Combine culture, wine, and the finer things of life in a lovely Sunday afternoon. Learning something new is a fun bonding experience for the both of you.

13.    Aquariums. While it may not sound all that romantic, aquariums have exotic life forms that will awe and inspire you. Watch the dance of the dolphins or simply enjoy some majestic whales. You will be surprised at how romantic enjoying natural beauty can be.

14.    Foreign or Art House Movie. Even if you don’t like art or foreign films, consider this.  A large room that is dark, intimate, and sexy.  Pick a French film if you can. You’ll understand why.

15.    Plan a Theme Night.  Pick a theme for one night and stick to it, arranging your entire night such as meals, movies, and post-date activity around this theme.

16.    Poker Night for Two! Gambling always raises the stakes and keeps things interesting.  The bolder couple can go with strip poker here.

17.    Horseback riding. What is it about this activity that is so romantic? Try it once and you will be hooked.

18.    Go to the beach. Even in the winter! Bundle up and walk by the seashore holding hands and enjoying the soft crash of the waves.

19.    Music Festivals. Rock the day or night away to your favorite bands.

20.    Throw a cocktail party. Entertaining together will make you feel like a couple and renew or ignite a significant bonding experience.

21.    Have a spa day. Nothing says romance like getting pampered.

22.    Hot tub anyone? Do you really need to be told how romantic this is? Find one at your local spa.

23.    Take a road trip! Put a pin in a map and get in the car and go there. No rules allowed!

24.    Spend the night at a hotel. Hotel dates are romantic because they seem forbidden and a little taboo. If you’ve been dating or married a while, this will definitely bring the spark back.  Kick it up a notch by role playing or pretending you are strangers.

25.    Play Truth or Dare!  Again, no rules allowed and no explanation required here.

26.    Plan a date that includes some of your lover’s favorite places and activities – it shows that you have been listening to them!

27.    Let your date pick the movie for a change – even if blowing up zombies might not be your idea of romance.

28.    Make a list together of places in your area that you’ve always wanted to go. Make it your goal to cross one place off that list each month.

29.    Book a couple’s massage.

30.    If you have a hobby you really enjoy, share it with your partner – make it fun for them to come along, but don’t feel bad if they decide not to join you a second time.

31.    Let your partner teach you about the hobbies they enjoy, too.

32.    In the fall, go apple picking at a local orchard.

33.    Tour a local brewery or winery.

34.    Attend a charity ball together – it gives you the chance to dress up and dance the night away while helping a good cause.

35.    Find out when your lover’s favorite band is touring, and go see their show – in another city! It turns a concert into an adventure.

36.    Go to a theme park together and spend the day acting like kids.

37.    Enjoy a walk together at the local arboretum when the flowering trees are blooming.

38.    Visit the local zoo when all the baby animals have just arrived.

39.    Go to a museum together. Share your opinions on what you see, and enjoy learning more about your lover.

40.    Tell your lover how to dress for the occasion but don’t share your plans. It will keep them on their toes all day!

41.    Go dancing at a club that has dance lessons before the band starts. That way you can learn some new steps together.

42.    Rent a limo and have it pick up your lover after work, then whisk them away for a tour of some of your city’s architectural and natural highlights.

43.    See a play together.

44.     Attend the opener for your lover’s favorite sports team.

45.    Go to the orchestra. If classical music isn’t your thing, the person at the box office can probably recommend a performance that features more modern music.

46.    Take a cooking class together.

47.    Do some research. Ask around for a little-known hot spot and surprise your lover with a date there.

48.    Visit a jazz bar and spurge on the extra nice wine.

49.    Many cities have elegant boat cruises on a nearby lake or river. Make sure your date brings a coat or a wrap for after sunset!

50.    Book an elegant suite at the nicest hotel in town. Have flowers and Champagne waiting in the room, and enjoy an evening in.

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