50 Anniversary Ideas

Anniversary IdeasEvery anniversary is a special one, whether it is your first or your golden.  Here are some romantic anniversary ideas that you can use right now, as a gift or as an activity to share together. These romantic anniversary ideas are based on the token symbols that coincide with each anniversary, but there is no rule that says they have to be used on that year alone. Be creative!

1.    Paper. Create a hard copy journal that chronicles your first year together. Read it together when you celebrate. You will be inspired by how much the two of you have grown.

2.    Cotton. Personalized lingerie or briefs for him that express this year in a simple way.

3.    Leather. Create a leather bound book of photos, mementos, or souvenirs of the last three years you’ve had together.

4.    Fruit/Flowers.  Bonsai trees or bamboo plants with meanings for fertility, love, and happiness are perfect ways to express this today.

5.    Wood. Plan ahead and take a wood carving class and create a Celtic love spoon for your honey. They will ADORE the planning that went into this handmade creation. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

6.    Candy/Iron.  Wrought iron gifts are easy to come by.  Find something they like and pickup a gift to match. Wine lover in your home? Grab an iron wine rack.

7.    Wool/Copper. Copper is a remarkable element with many powers.  Find something like a bracelet, some wind chimes, or a little copper token that will bring harmony to your sweet.

8.    Bronze/Pottery. Have a bronze plaque created with an inspirational love quote, a favorite poem of both of yours, or a simple message that tells them just how much you care.

9.    Pottery/Willow.  Make a pot for them, or decorate one from your local gardening store. Use this as your “wishing pot” and fill it with wishes for the two of you. It can be a pot of wishes to do that night, or to enjoy during your lifetime.

10.    Tin/Aluminum.   These elements are very powerful as well, and you can find photo frames in either tin or aluminum to commemorate this very special day.

11.    Steel.  Stainless steel is easy enough to come by in any form of jewelery.  Find something special in stainless steel for your sweet and have it engraved with your anniversary date.

12.    Silk/Linen.  Men adore silk boxers much more than you think.  Pick up a pair for your man, and wrap it in a matching teddy set for you.

13.     Lace. The sky is the limit here.

14.    Ivory.  Ivory can be celebrated in a number of ways.  You can find mementos and knick knacks with ivory inlets, or even have one made on a special plaque for your partner.

15.    Crystal.  Crystal is an easy enough gift to find, but you want to make this one unique for that individual. Find something that reflects who they are.

16.    China.  Celebrate your night with your wedding china, even if it is the middle of the week! For a gift, have a china plate made with your relationship personalized.

17.    Silver. Silver is yet another opportunity for jewelry or some other token.  Go outside the box and pick them up something sterling silver that they can use every day.  Key ring?

18.    Pearl.  Women can never say no to pearls, but be creative with how you use them on this day.  When he gets home, show up at the door in nothing else.

19.    Coral.  Find some coral beads and put them in a big pot or wishing box.  Make some cards with notes on them saying what wish each coral bead stands for for your life together.

20.    Ruby.  You don’t need to use actual rubies here, anything red and sizzling will not only spark heat, but send the message that the romance is still alive.

21.    Sapphire.  Create a family birthstone tree using fake gems and have it framed.

22.    Gold. Create a solid GOLD album of all of their favorite songs or albums and play it when you are celebrating your night!

23.    Emerald.  Green is the color of the emerald, so go with the environmentally friendly theme and come up with a unique gift or gift basket that is Eco-friendly, AND highlights their interests. Or, create an entire evening that is environmentally friendly from table linens to between the sheets fun.

24.    Diamond.  A gift of diamonds will always inspire. To go that extra level though, you really want to personalize this one.

25.    Use your imagination! When it comes to unique and romantic anniversary ideas, your imagination is the only limit you have.  Be sure to personalize your gift or your celebration, so that it is a reflection of the two of you, and your relationship, and is not a celebration of the relationship alone.

26.    Take a trip back to the place where you first met and stroll down memory lane together.

27.    Present your lover with a scrapbook of your favorite memories together (guys, you can do this, too!).

28.    In this digital age, we tend to send love notes via email. Find some of your more romantic messages and hand-write them in a book for your lover.

29.    Start a love journal together, where you can leave notes for each other.

30.    Is your lover a fan of tradition? Look up the traditional anniversary gifts, and put your own special twist on them!

31.    Rent the first movie that you saw together and snuggle up for the evening.

32.    Do you remember when you knew you were falling in love with your partner? Recreate that moment and fall in love all over again.

33.    Shut your cell phones off for the day and spend time rediscovering each other.

34.    Do you have a “song”? Get the local radio station to play it, and dance together in your living room.

35.    Instead of one big gift, give your lover a number of small (yet meaningful) gifts for each year you’ve been together.

36.    Have you always wanted to go somewhere special together? Surprise your lover with tickets on your anniversary!

37.    Start a new tradition: record a video message to your lover every year on your anniversary, telling them what the past year has meant to you! It will be a fun time capsule of memories.

38.    Depending on how long you have been together, you may be able to find a bottle of wine or scotch that was bottled in the year you met. Share that with your lover on your anniversary!

39.    Does your lover have a normal daily routine? Drop off roses ahead of time at the place where they pick up their coffee, at their office, where they go for lunch, at their gym, etc. along with a love note and a photo of your lover, so that they receive roses from you all day long. Greet them with the final rose for dinner.

40.    If you’re already married, try recreating the moment you proposed, and present your lover with an anniversary ring.

41.    Did the two of you meet in college? Go back to your alma mater and see if you can have a date in the dining hall!

42.    Celebrate an anniversary by taking your relationship to the next step. If you plan to move in together, present your lover with something from your apartment that you’ve gift-wrapped. Make sure it’s something they like, so they won’t be turned off by the idea of your belongings merging with theirs!

43.    If you are an outgoing couple, dress up in your wedding attire for your anniversary date and enjoy the smiles from the other diners!

44.    Sometimes a city will let you buy a paver or a bench in a park and have it engraved with a special message. Sponsor one with your names and anniversary engraved in it.

45.    Get together with the members of your wedding party for a special dinner, and reminisce about the day.

46.    Buy your lover a charm bracelet and add one charm for each anniversary.

47.    Has your lover wanted a big-ticket item for a long time? Buy them several “clue” gifts – one for each year you’ve been together – leading up to the big gift.

48.    Start a tradition and spend each anniversary at the same romantic getaway.  It will give you something to look forward to!

49.    Take turns planning your anniversary celebration. This is, after all, a celebration for both of you!

50.    Renew your commitment to one another. Even if it is just the two of you alone at home, promise that you will love, cherish and respect each other with the same devotion as when you first fell in love.

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