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Romantic Happy Birthday IdeasBirthdays can cause angst for those in a relationship, because you just want to get it done right.  And it doesn’t matter if you are in a long term relationship or just starting out.  How you celebrate your partner’s birthday will tell them a lot about what they mean to you, and how important the relationship is to you.  When it comes to romantic birthday ideas, the more creative you are the more sparks you will ignite. Use our 25 ideas to spark your own creativity, but don’t stop here, your imagination is your only limitation.

1.    Get them what they want. Sounds too simple, but you would be surprised how romantic it can be when your partner gets you exactly what you want for your birthday.  Even if it is just fishing hooks! Wrap it up in something sexy!

2.    Order a cake or inscribed cookie for your partner and leave them clues via text messaging as to where to find their present.  Be there waiting for them when they pick it up.

3.    Countdown their birthday for them by sending tiny little tokens, emails, or texts, every day until their birthday where you will surprise them with the main event!

4.    Send them out with the girls or the guys for the night. Make the reservations and book every detail so they don’t have to worry about a thing. While they are hanging with their friends, arrange to send a bottle of champagne over with a note  to let them know you are thinking of them. Letting them have their space will be an amazing gift where you will be appreciated later on!

5.    Have lunch sent to their office on their birthday so they have one less thing to worry about while they are at the grindstone on their special day.

6.    Plant a tree for your partner in a place where they can see it every single day. Each time they do, they will think of you.

7.    Name a star or constellation after your honey or after your relationship.

8.    Give your love a small token for every year of their age. If for example they are 30, drop them 29 small gifts over a period of time and give them one big present on the 30th day. Amazed will be your response.

9.    Create a gift basket of all of their favourite things that have nothing to do with coupling.  Wine, beer, movie tickets, sporting goods, anything you can think of that is theirs alone. Showing that you know what interests them will make them see just how much you understand them which is VERY romantic.

10.    Kidnap your sweet from home, school, or work with blindfold included, and take them to a private location that is already pre-gamed for your birthday surprise like a romantic dinner or picnic. Hint: the blindfold will be enough to get the romance flowing.

11.    Singing telegrams are corny, but they will always make someone smile on their birthday.

12.    Create a newspaper story with all of the headlines and amazing things that happened on their birthday. Use their actual birthday as your leading story.

13.    Hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the house for them on their special day. If you don’t live together, get a gift certificate.

14.    Gift certificates for online stores that sell anything like eBay, Amazon, and the like are always welcomed.  Be sure to package it up with something sexy and erotic.

15.    If your lover has a favourite author or film, find something unique for a favourite book or movie that will be original and authentic.  If you can’t find anything, make a collage from information online that will highlight things your honey doesn’t already know.

16.    Book lovers will appreciate a first edition of any of their favourites.

17.    If your partner has a favourite cause or charity, donate some money or time in their name for their cause.  They will LOVE how big your heart is and want to know more.

18.    Buy them something regarding an interest of theirs you may not share but allows them to express it. Does their golf habit irritate you?  Buy them some tee time or a great new club.

19.    Start their day with breakfast in bed if you have the opportunity.  You will be surprised that this may be enough of a present for the overworked!

20.    Have their astrological chart done professionally, and give it to them on their birthday in a decorative pretty frame.

21.    Even if you live close, send them something to receive in the mail on their birthday, it could be anything and will be a welcome respite amongst the bills that come in that day.

22.    If they haven’t had a chance to maintain their status quo, give them a gift certificate to a local salon so they are forced to take some me time.

23.    Flowers are always a great birthday present, and very romantic.

24.    Sex toy they’ve been wanting to try? Give it a whirl; you’ll win in the end too.

25.    Fill one of their fantasies on their birthday.  This will become a lifetime memory for which the both of you will always be grateful.

26.    Throw a surprise party for your lover. Get the plans rolling at least a month in advance so everyone can put the event on their calendars.

27.    Present your lover with tickets to see their favorite band, even if the concert isn’t on their birthday.

28.    Are you busy on their birthday? Clear off your lunch hour and make sure to treat your lover to a little one-on-one time. Celebrate their birthday with dinner later in the week.

29.    Oldie but a goodie: Breakfast in bed! Just make sure that you serve something that won’t leave behind crumbs.

30.    Get your lover’s friends and family to write notes or record video clips of them saying how much your lover has meant in their lives.

31.    Is your lover hitting one of the Big birthdays? Organize a Big party! Have family and friends fly in to surprise them.

32.    Take your lover to see their favorite sports team. See if you can get a birthday message displayed for them on the big screen!

33.    The next time you’re out shopping together, wander down the toy aisle and see if your lover exclaims, “I always wanted one of those when I was little!” Go back later and buy them the toy. They’re sure to laugh in delight when they unwrap it!

34.    If you live together, do all the household chores for the day and let your lover feel pampered.

35.    Have your lover make a list of things they’ve always wanted to do. Try to make one of those happen every year for their birthday.

36.    Take your lover to their favorite restaurant. Find out ahead of time if they have birthday specials, but if your lover is shy, request that the staff NOT sing to them!

37.    Leave your lover a message on their work voicemail wishing them a happy birthday so they’ll find it when they get to the office.

38.    Has your lover been meaning to do some remodeling? Take them away for a birthday weekend and have a trusted friend oversee the remodeling work while you’re away.

39.    Bake a birthday cake and decorate it for your lover.

40.    Take your lover for a romantic stroll and stop off at their favorite dessert place for a birthday treat.

41.    Have your lover’s family email you a scanned photo of them as a baby, and use it to create a homemade birthday card.

42.    Take your lover to dinner and surprise them with tickets to see a show later that night.

43.    If your lover is young at heart, take them to a kid’s place for their birthday dinner – bonus points if it has an arcade. Make sure to invite their closest friends.

44.    If your lover is close to their siblings, invite them over for a birthday celebration. You’ll enjoy learning about all the crazy things your lover did as a kid.

45.    If your lover had to wait until their 20s or – heaven forbid! – early 30s to celebrate their golden birthday, make sure to make a big deal out of it.

46.    Have their family send you photos and any movie clips they might have from your lover’s childhood. Create a “This is your life” slideshow to share at their birthday party.

47.    Get your lovers friends to help you create the perfect birthday celebration. Even though you’re their partner, there are some things about your lover that only their best friends know.

48.    If your lover has moved away from their childhood home, take them back to the area and explore it together. It will be fun for your lover to tell you about the people and places that helped shape their early life.

49.    Does your lover have a winter birthday? Take them to a romantic ski resort and snuggle up by a warm fire.

50.    Is your lover’s birthday in the summer? Rent an outdoor hot tub and invite friends over for a bar-b-cue.

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