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Romantic Dinner IdeasHaving dinner isn’t just about feeding the palate and satisfying the appetite anymore, particularly when you are dating or wanting to keep the love alive in your relationship. Food has been used for centuries to ignite sparks and keep things sexy. In fact, eating can be one of the most sexual acts, outside of the obvious, that a couple can perform if they play their cards right. Here are some romantic dinner ideas to inspire you to take your dinner with your partner to the next level. And remember, these are just the main course. Dessert will be all up to you.

1.    Any dinner involving open flame will be sexy.  Be that a fireside, or candlelight, either way the ambience and tone is set for the night.

2.    Plan an adventure dinner, where neither one of you knows where you are going.  Pick a number between 1 and 10 and get in the car. Flip a coin the number of times you have chosen with your number.  Heads you turn left, tails you turn right.  Dine out wherever you end up.

3.    Try Italian one night, or whatever ethnic food you enjoy, and make it a theme night. From appetizers to dessert, incorporate as many elements into the experience as you can.

4.    Have your dinner catered for your sweetie.  Have the food sent in, and hire one or two people to take care of the dinner service.  Being waited on in your own home will make them feel adored.

5.    Have you own Naked Chef night where you cook dinner together wearing nothing but your aprons.

6.    Hold an Iron Chef contest right in your own kitchen.  Choose a sexy ingredient that is spicy and fiery and will get your blood flowing.

7.    Go out of town for dinner one night and pretend you are strangers on a first date.  No life or kids talk allowed; get to know each other all over again.

8.    Cook a dinner that is all finger food only.  Feed each other dinner.  And, if you want to get really racy, restrain your partner with a blindfold and feed them yourself.

9.    A picnic in the sand at the beach will always inspire romance.

10.    If you have a waterfall near you, plan a picnic or outdoor dinner right beside it.  There is almost no more romantic setting than this.  Go skinny dipping after!

11.    Enjoy a starlit dinner outside one evening.  Use candles as your only alternative light source.

12.    Take a dinner cruise together.

13.    Dinner theatre is becoming more popular and is a fun way to get to know your partner better, and get some entertainment at the same time.

14.    Plan a murder mystery dinner at your home with guests appearing in costume.  The mystery behind it all will offer great anticipation and suspense for an exploding finish at the end of the evening.  Hint, stay in character even after your guests leave.

15.    Anything that involves the woman dressing up and feeling girly will lead to romance.  Women love to feel beautiful and at their best when they are with their man.  If you can’t afford it, dress up for dinner at home!

16.    Do Chinese one night and be sure to use the catch phrase “in bed” at the end of your fortune cookies.

17.    Go somewhere you can enjoy dinner and dancing. It’s a classic routine, but one that works!

18.    Get fast food and eat it in bed with no clothes on.

19.    Have a picnic INSIDE the house.  Lay a blanket on the floor, and set up all of your fixings so they are within arm’s reach.

20.    Make a game out of dinner.  You and your partner can ask questions about each other to see how well you know each other.  Wrong answer? No food. Right answer? Feed them yourself.

21.    If you live in or near wine country, have dinner out at a local winery. The ambience is incredibly romantic.

22.    Find out what your partner’s favourite food is, and their favourite fantasy.  Plan a night where the two are combined.

23.    There is nothing sexier than fondue. You can do this with meats, cheeses, fruits, and all sorts of things.  Light some candles, put on soft music, and be creative!

24.    Use the dinner setting to be romantic as well.  Leave love notes under your honey’s plate, in their linen, or write sexy messages on the tablecloth with rose petals.

25.    Create a scavenger hunt out of your dinner.  Plan the meal with clues that your darling has to follow for each course.  These can take you in or out of the house if you like.  The last clue will lead you both to the bedroom for dessert.

26.    If your lover is the one that cooks dinner all the time, give them the night off and put on the apron yourself! If you aren’t a good cook, order their favorite take-out instead.

27.    Get a selection of your lover’s favorite fruits and candies, then blind fold your lover and sensually feed them little bites.

28.    Does your lover have a favorite dish? Do your homework and find out who in town makes it the best, then take your lover there for dinner.

29.    See if your city has a fondue restaurant and dip into an intimate dining experience with your lover.

30.    Go on a world tour. Make a date once a month to try a different ethnic restaurant.

31.    Go to the park for an after-dark picnic, and make sure to pack a telescope!

32.    Try rolling your own sushi together – there are kits available to help you.

33.    Find out what your lover’s favorite treat is and bring it home as a surprise.

34.    If you’re on vacation together, ask the hotel manager to recommend a good place to get a taste of the local cuisine and surprise your lover by taking them there.

35.    Is your lover a wine connoisseur? Take them to a winery and set aside some money to pick up a great bottle of wine for later.

36.    Try it at home: many hobby stores carry kits for making homemade beers, wines and cheeses. Reaping the fruit of your labors together will make it taste all that sweeter!

37.    Try ordering for each other and see how well you know one another’s taste.

38.    Eat your way down memory lane. Take turns sharing some of your favorite haunts from days gone by. It will help you learn more about each other!

39.    Grab take-out and bring it to your favorite roadside vista to watch the sun set.

40.    Throw some hot dogs and buns in the car and head to the park for an afternoon cook out. Bring a Frisbee along and have fun playing!

41.    Try a meal of aphrodisiacs – foods that help stimulate your libido. These include fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and shellfish. Chocolate-dipped strawberries and some smoked oysters on crackers with a glass of wine will take you far!

42.    If you enjoy watching cooking shows together, why not buy a recipe book from your favorite chef and try cooking one recipe from the book each week? Take turns designating who is head-chef.

43.    Is one of you a better cook than the other? Help your lover round out their skill by teaching them how to cook. Make sure you approach it as a fun task so you both enjoy it!

44.    Eating is an essential part of the day. If you have big romantic plans set for the day, make sure to incorporate a special meal along the way so that you both have the energy to enjoy the moment.

45.    If you enjoy exploring together, try driving around to nearby towns and picking a diner or restaurant at random for a meal. Little adventures are sometimes more romantic than expensive gestures.

46.    If your lover lives far away from their family, request that their mother write down some of your lover’s favorite recipes so you can cook them a treat if they are ever feeling blue or home sick.

47.    If you both are beat at the end of the day, sometimes ordering a pizza and sitting down together for a movie is the pinnacle of romance!

48.    Surprise your lover with the occasional breakfast in bed. Try to avoid crumbly foods!

49.    Ask around for the name and location of good all-night diner, and some night when both of you are having trouble sleeping, surprise your lover with a trip out for burgers and some malts!

50.    Try to enjoy as many meals together as your schedules allow, and make an effort to eat slowly so you can savor each bite and each moment spent together

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