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Romantic Gift IdeasLittle gifts and tokens of your affection are a fantastic way to keep the sparks alive in your relationship. Relationships will go sour when your amour is not feeling appreciated or thought of, so take advantage of these 25 tips that will bring the love back, and let your partner know in small, simple, affordable but most importantly, romantic gift ideas.

1.    Make a picture collage of you and or your partner doing things together or highlighting special moments, holidays, or previous romantic times.

2.    Write a book of love poems for your partner. They won’t care how short or long it is because the thought alone will wow them.

3.    Keep a journal of all of your email or text transcripts in chronological order and give it to them on their birthday.

4.    Make some home baked goods and wrap it up in something sexy and romantic, like some lingerie!  Sweets for now, sweets for later!

5.    Use a digital picture frame or online slide show with pictures that rotate. Each picture will showcase you wearing one less object.

6.    Buy your love a teddy bear and create a personal voice message to include that expresses your love.

7.    Create a top ten list of your partner and email it to them when you are thinking of them.

8.    Make a personalized CD with all of “your” favourite songs on it, or highlight songs that remind you both of times you’ve shared.

9.    Use a web cam to create a sexy movie for your partner’s eyes only.

10.    Have something engraved for your partner with a powerful love quote or a meaningful date you’ve shared together.

11.    Create an album of your “life” story, by including information about your dates or your most romantic times together. Include ticket stubs, brochures, or even programmes from events you’ve been to together.

12.    Prepaid anything always works in this day and age and is just so thoughtful. Send a gift card where they can treat themselves to something nice, and think of you when they enjoy that.

13.    Record a personal message onto a CD or digital venue.  Think of it as a love letter, spoken from your heart.

14.    For the really bold and beautiful, complete all of the exercises in a relationship self-help manual and give it to your partner.  This will really let them see exactly what you are all about.  They’ll also learn more about what you need, so you will win in the end as well.

15.    Write your lover a story with the two of you as the main characters.  Be brave and write a story of something that hasn’t yet happened between the two of you that you would LIKE to happen.

16.    Send your love a message in a bottle. Pick one up at the dollar store and leave your message somewhere they will be sure to find it.

17.    Make your lover a coupon book with all of the things you want to do to them.  Leave no expiry date on them, or, do if you dare, and make sure the book is ALL about them.

18.    Send him or her something that reminds them of your first date together.  A ticket stub, a restaurant ad, or any token of the sort.  Relive the date when you can match your schedules.

19.    Give the gift of time.  It’s so easy to get busy these days, block as much time as you can on a given date and send your partner an invitation with an RSVP mandatory.

20.    Flowers are never a bad idea, for men or women.  Try something exotic and sensual to send the message that that is what you think about them!

21.    Be your partner’s personal assistant for the day. Run errands, clean the house, or do their laundry if the situation allows. There is nothing more romantic than someone helping to take the load off for you once in a while. You’ll be pleased with how they show their appreciation as well.

22.    Scents are among the most sensual gifts you can give.  Candles, incense, perfume, anything that will trigger sexy thoughts is all you need to get the motors running.

23.    Sex toys are a great and inexpensive way to keep the romance alive. Has your partner wanted to try something new? Now’s the time to give them their chance!

24.    That being said, lingerie is never a bad gift, no matter how traditional.

25.    Have your astrological compatibility charts done and frame it for them in something attractive so they can see it all the time.

26.    Is your lover always late? Buy them a nice watch.

27.    If your lover has a sweet tooth, buy them a sampling of their favorite treat – enough to enjoy, but not so much that they might over-indulge.

28.    Pick up season tickets for their favorite team.

29.    If your lover is constantly talking about something practical that they want, buy it for them, and make sure it’s top of the line. They’ll appreciate it.

30.    Surprise your lover with dance lessons.

31.    Search for something that’s been autographed by their favorite athlete or celebrity.

32.    Buy them a well-aged bottle of their favorite alcohol.

33.    Take a walk around the mall and pay attention to what catches your lover’s eye. Buy it for them later as a surprise.

34.    Buy a nice hardbound copy of your lover’s favorite book.

35.    Buy a book of love poems. If Shakespeare isn’t your thing, try the Brownings or a book of collected works. Read them aloud with your lover.

36.    An oldie but a goodie: give your lover a mix CD of your favorite songs.

37.    Take your lover to their favorite store and let them pick out something special.

38.    Is your lover a movie buff? Get them the special edition version of their favorite flick.

39.    Have a star named after your lover, and present them with the certificate in a frame.

40.    Buy a couple’s spa package and enjoy the day together.

41.    If your lover enjoys art, take them to a local gallery and buy them a new piece to add to their collection.

42.    Does your lover have a hobby? Get them something they can use for their favorite pastime, but make sure to do your homework.

43.    Is it time to take that next big step? Show you’re committed by buying them a new phone and inviting them to join your cell plan.

44.    If your lover is into gadgets, take them to a tech show, and put aside some money for buying them a new toy.

45.    If your lover lives far away from their family, surprise them with a trip back home. It will warm their heart and endear you to your potential in-laws!

46.    Buy your lover tickets to their favorite Broadway show.

47.    If your lover talks about wanting to try something new, buy them a starter kit or lessons so they can try it out.

48.    If your lover enjoys nature, buy them a season state park pass.

49.    Is your lover a foodie? Buy your lover a fondue pot and have fun dipping in together.

50.    Have your lover write you a wish list. Keep it somewhere safe, and occasionally buy them something from that list – for no reason other than you love them!

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