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Romantic Ideas For HerMen, when it comes to romantic ideas for her, you have to think the exact opposite of the way that you think when you are entertaining your male friends.  Women though sexual creatures, are much more emotional than men.  If you want to romance your woman, the key here is to tap into that emotional center through small, random acts of kindness.  The woman’s emotional center is very open, so once you tap into it, unleashing the romantic side of her will not be difficult at all.  Don’t focus so much on the sexual component, but more on little acts that will make her feel respected. When a woman feels openly respected, her emotional center kicks in, and she begins to feel incredibly romantic. And, when she is being romanced, the sex WILL follow. Be patient men, and if you are stuck, we have developed 25 tips that will give you a jump start towards random acts of kindness that will soon have her jumping all over YOU.

1.    There are few women that dislike bubble baths. Prepare one for her, and take it to the next level with some rose petals.

2.    Spritz some of her perfume on a hanky and toss it in the dryer with her clothes.

3.    Make  her a pizza and spell something corny and cheesy with it in pepperoni.  She won’t care what it says, she’ll eat it up, literally.

4.    Surprise her with a kiss while she is in the middle of talking.  Being needed “right now” is very appealing to a woman.

5.    Write a poem for her, if you need help, use the Internet.  Text it or email it, it doesn’t matter how short it is.  A note to consider as you write, when you do something THIS romantic, her friends will probably see it because she will want to brag about you.

6.    Find a compass at a hardware store, or even an old antique store.  Leave it in her work bag or purse with a note “You’ll never lose me”.

7.    Write the words “I love you” while she is showering.

8.    Use Hershey kisses to leave a trail from the door to your bedroom, and leave a note on the bed that says “I kiss the very ground that you walk on”.

9.    Write her a love note or a poem on paper, and then cut it into pieces like a puzzle. She will adore every second that it takes her to put it together.

10.    Play Monopoly, changing items like Boardwalk into “Backrub” or Tennessee into “Topless”.  Let it be about her.

11.    Listen to her. Every word. And look into her eyes when she is talking.  She will feel cherished and important.

12.    Ask her if it is okay to just spend the night exploring different kissing techniques instead of having sex.  It may take her a while to respond after she gets over the shock. And don’t worry, you’ll still get what you want in the end.

13.    For one night, decorate the bedroom the way she wants. Use some soft and pretty fabric to soften things up, and add some fresh flowers wherever you can.  Some potpourri and candles may help as well.

14.    In the romance novel that she is currently reading, leave a note where her bookmark is: “I think this is a great story, but I think our love story is much hotter.”

15.    Leave one rose on the seat of her car either before she goes to work, or do it while she is at work so that it’s the first thing she sees after a long day.

16.    Send her an e-card with something sexy on it once a week.

17.    Make a list for her of the 101 reasons why you think she rocks.

18.    Take the bag of cereal out of the box before she gets to it. Put a little love note at the top of the bag so that it is the first thing she sees in the morning.

19.    Unplug the television and put away the remote.  Ask her if it’s okay if you turn her on instead.

20.    Do the dishes without being asked, and do them properly.  When she starts to argue that she’ll get to it, tell her the bath is waiting and you’re not going to hear another word.  Extra points if you’ve left a glass of wine for her by the tub.

21.    Ask her, “do you mind if we watch Grey’s Anatomy tonight instead of the game?”

22.    Toast to her while you are having dinner.  A simple ‘great job honey, this one is to you’ will make her smile and get her all warm and glowy inside.

23.    Compliment your woman as much as you can.  She will not be able to get enough. Be creative and think outside of the ‘you look nice today’ box.

24.    Ask her if there is anything you can do to help her. This can be used very effectively at any point of the day, any day of the week.

25.    Talk about your feelings and be honest. This one is the toughest for you guys. But do it.  Connecting with a woman emotionally is the most romantic gesture any man can perform.

26.    Talk to her girlfriends. They will be able to tell you some of her secret romantic desires, and you’ll be able to surprise her even more!

27.    Go see a romantic comedy with her – hey, you may even enjoy it, and she’ll be happy that you came along.

28.    If she thinks flowers are romantic and you think flowers are cliché, buy her flowers. The goal is making her happy!

29.    If your lady has had a rough day at work, greet her with a trail of flower petals leading to a bubble bath. While she’s soaking, prepare a romantic dinner for two.

30.    If she has a hobby, find out where she likes to buy her supplies and get her a gift card. That way you’re a hero and she still gets to pick out what she likes.

31.    Encourage your lady to spend time with her girlfriends. Bonus points if you do a little cleaning while she’s out.

32.    Take her shopping for something special. Make sure to budget for the item ahead of time.

33.    Send her flowers at work for no reason other than you love her.

34.    If she’s worked hard at dressing up for your date, make sure to mention how beautiful she looks. Compliment her in front of others as well.

35.    Help another man be a hero: team up with her best friend’s guy and buy your women a spa day that they can share together.

36.    If she likes antiquing, make it fun. Take her to a small town Bed & Breakfast and let her explore the nearby antique shops.

37.    Girls love sports, too! If she’s mad about a team, surprise her with tickets to the game.

38.    Keep some money set aside for spontaneous gift giving. If you’re out shopping and she falls in love with something, buy it for her on the spot!

39.    If she is interested in learning something new, encourage her to take a class and support her by asking about it.

40.    Send her random love-texts.

41.    Sweep her off her feet on a romantic surprise date. Here’s an idea: have her girlfriend invite her to a show after work, and tell her to dress for the occasion. While she’s waiting outside of her office for her friend to pick her up, show up in a limo with a dozen roses. Enjoy the ride for a while, then take her to a fancy dinner and a show!

42.    Take her out dancing. If you’re worried about getting on the floor yourself, find a place that offers dance lesson before the band starts playing.

43.    Take her horseback riding and follow it up with a nice meal at a homey-feeling country diner.

44.    Does she subscribe to any women’s magazines? Read them when she’s not looking and surprise her by being in-tune with her interests.

45.    Sometimes it’s better to give than receive. Treat her like a queen in the bedroom, and not just so she’ll return the favor.

46.    If she loves puppies and kitties – don’t just go out and get her one! If, however, she is ready for a pet, help her do the research and find the right breed together.

47.    If she lives far away from a close friend, surprise her by flying that friend in for the weekend.

48.    If she collects certain things like dolls or glassware, keep an eye out and help add to her collection whenever you can.

49.    Treat her to a massage now and then. She’ll appreciate the chance to relax and savor the feel of your hands.

50.    Never miss an opportunity to tell her how much you love her and appreciate what she brings to your life. Simply talking to her is one of the greatest romantic gestures you can offer.

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