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Romantic Ideas For HimIf you have been looking for some creative ways to reach that romance center in your man’s brain, then you probably already have a few tricks up your sleeve.  When it comes to men, very often their romance centers are triggered with their sexuality centers, and so this is very handy knowledge for the woman looking to spice things up in her romantic life.  When you make a point of being more romantic with your man, he feels appreciated and admired, and when a man feels appreciated and admired, he feels a bond with the woman who does that for him, and it strengthens the relationship.  Further, when a man feels bonded to a woman that admires and appreciates him, he is very often willing to return the favor, so take these 50 romantic ideas for him and learn how to romance your man and prepare yourself for a very nice payback.  And remember, use these as guidelines, not concrete rules, your imagination will be your best friend here.

1.    Hire a massage therapist to come to the house and pamper him.  Extra points if you are confident enough to select an attractive woman to do it.

2.    Mow the lawn, clean the house, cook him dinner wearing next to nothing.

3.    Take him for a long drive in the country one Sunday wearing a sexy dress or skirt.  Find a secluded road side and take it from there…and by the way, tell him nothing of your intentions until the heat is on.

4.    Surprise him with role play, and if you know beforehand what his fave fantasy is, use it.  You can be the sexy librarian, heart warming nurse, or cheeky secretary if you want to be.

5.    While you are doing laundry one day, call to him for help.  When he comes to your assistance, jump on the washing machine and seduce him. He won’t know what hit him.

6.    Be in the bathtub waiting for him when he comes home one day.  Leave a trail of clothing from the door to the bathroom.

7.    If you wake up in the middle of the night, light a candle and slowly start running your fingers through his hair until it wakes him up.

8.    Fill one of his empty prescription bottles with love notes or things you want to do to him.  Change the label on it to say ‘Prescription for Romance’ and leave it in his briefcase.  Don’t say a word until he finds it, you’ll know when he does.

9.    Let him pick the movie one night.  And so what if it is Die Hard Over and Over Again.  You can distract him by putting on one of his oversize shirts, socks, and see how long it takes for him to realize you “forgot” your panties.

10.    Bring him a snack or a meal in bed and then feed it to him.  He won’t care what it is.

11.    Tell him you have a present hidden on your body (make sure you have one).  And then walk away.

12.    If you are packing his lunch, or his briefcase, or have access to anything he may use during the day, stuff some nude shots of yourself where he will find it.

13.    Find a way, any way, to casually slip the word “threesome” into a conversation.  Whether that is something you want to do or not, you will have his full attention after that in more ways than one.

14.    Play Hide and Seek in the rain with him.  The less clothes you have on, the better.

15.    When he is taking his shower in the morning, run the towel he has hanging for himself in the dryer for a few minutes.

16.    Take a sexy picture of yourself, nude or otherwise, and leave it so that it will be the first thing he sees when he gets home.  In the meantime, you’ll be hiding in the house somewhere waiting for him to find you.

17.    When you are watching TV one night, reach over and rub his feet for no reason at all.

18.    Back rubs, shoulder rubs, and head massages out of the blue are great as well.

19.    Old fashioned yes, but if you have his favourite drink mixed for him for when he arrives home, he will be grateful.

20.    Don’t talk about work or the day unless he brings it up. He will want to unwind for a bit first.

21.    Send a sexy text, with picture attached, to him during the workday.

22.    For all the things he does for you, give him a day, evening, or hour, that is all his to decide what is on the agenda.

23.    Sleep beside him naked.

24.    Buy him a porn magazine. He’ll be shocked, but amazed that he is with such a confident woman.

25.    When he goes out with the guys, find out where he is going and have the bartender send over a pitcher on you.  He’ll pretend to be embarrassed, but he will not be able to wait to get home to you. It’s important you don’t text or call at all while he’s enjoying himself.

26.    Buy some special lingerie and give it to him to unwrap, with the promise that you’ll wear it on your date that night.

27.    Is your guy into sports? Buy him tickets – or, if you can afford it, season passes – to see his favorite team.

28.    If he loves going camping, but you’re not into it, compromise: find a park that has the facilities nearby that you demand and the wilderness he desires.

29.    Talk to his friends and find out if there is a game, gadget or some gear that he really wants.

30.    Is he a hard-working guy? Surprise him with a massage. If his macho image won’t let him go to a spa, find a massage therapist that will come to him.

31.    Let’s face it: guys are hands-on when it comes to romance. So, try putting your hands on him in some new, fun ways!

32.    If your guy likes fishing, rent a cabin for the weekend and bring a book or a craft along. You’ll both get your alone time to enjoy your hobbies, but still have the evenings together.

33.    Has he always wanted to go drive go-carts for his birthday? Call up his buddies and send them off for a day of fun!

34.    If you love him, let him go. Sometimes a guy needs time out with friends!

35.    If he just spent half a day fixing your car, treat him to a back massage and his favorite drink. A large piece of meat wouldn’t hurt, either.

36.    Not sure what to get him? Take a look at what magazines he read and what shows he watches. That will clue you in to what he’s into.

37.    Go with him to the Monster Truck show, demolition derby, etc., and bring earplugs so you don’t leave with a headache. Hey, you might even love it once you give it a try!

38.    If he isn’t good about opening up to you, learn about something he’s interested in and engage him in conversation about that. It might relax him enough that he’s able to talk about more important things.

39.    Guys need to be told how much they’re needed. Make sure to remind him of how much you appreciate all he does for you.

40.    If he’s had a rough day, greet him with his favorite meal and let him crash in front of the TV for the night.

41.    Does he like to play a sport? Encourage him to join a local team and attend his games to cheer him on.

42.    If he likes to tinker in the garage, help him find projects that will let him play with his power tools without destroying anything you actually might want to use in the future.

43.    If he’s a techno geek, set aside some money so that you can some day surprise him by getting the latest greatest gizmo.

44.    Double date with his friends – even if his best friend’s girlfriend gets on your nerves. It will mean a lot to your guy to be able to spend time with his two favorite people.

45.    Go fishing with him, and try at least once to put the worm on your hook. Make sure to scope out a nearby coffee shop or diner where you can warm up after you get off the lake.

46.    If he’s fixing something, help out by volunteering to hand him tools and parts. Try not to talk too much while he’s working, but when he’s done feel free to ask him to explain what he’s done. He’ll be happy that you are interested in his workmanship!

47.    If he’s into cars, then go on a car shopping date – this one might require some acting experience. Dress nicely and go to one of the finer dealerships in town. Let him take his dream car for a spin!

48.    Catch your guy off-guard by seducing him while you’re out on the town. Do whatever you can to turn him on in subtle ways while you’re still on your date, and get ready for a night of exhilarating lovemaking.

49.    If your guy travels on business, slip love notes into his luggage so he knows you’re thinking of him while he’s away.

50.    Remember that a relationship is 50/50 and his idea of romance might not be the same as yours. Have him make a wish list of fun things to do, and occasionally do one to let him know that you appreciate all the romantic things he’s done for you

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  1. Amy says

    I agree! You do not need to be skinny! Just healthy! Guys love curves. And FYI this list is not useless, guys love it when you do the small things…..it leads to even better sex! lol


  2. Arose2u says

    Thank you for the tips, I think sex and small things to remember while your apart both play a huge role in keeping your relationship strong. A memory can last a lifetime.


  3. Alexandria says

    Actually sometimes it does help. Couples need alone time and friend time, texting non stop will make people feel controlled and clingy. It’s okay to let your partner have fun without you sometimes.


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