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Romantic Ideas On The CheapIn today’s economy, keeping the budget where it needs to be can be a challenge. When you are trying to keep the romance going in your relationship, it can be even more so.  Here are some great romantic ideas on things you can do to keep that spark going.  Try some of these on any day, whether you just want to creatively remind your special someone that you are thinking of them, or want to spend some fun and sexy time together on a limited budget. You don’t need to have a huge bank account to let them know how much they are worth to you so check out these cheap romantic ideas.

1.    Go to the arcade! For less than $20, you can feel like kids again dancing to DDR, running covert ops in a military game, or racing the NASCAR with each other in some romantic competition.

2.    Bowling! Another activity that will hardly cost you a thing, and will keep your hearts pumping and your competitive spirits high. Place a sexy wager on it and amp up the spice factor.

3.    Spend the night listening to each other’s music collection. Swap CD’s and share stories about what songs or bands mean the most to you and why.

4.    Twister anyone? Here is the ultimate low cost game that will get you sweating, touching, and laughing together.

5.    Go to a car dealership and test drive a sexy convertible together.  Nobody says you have to walk away with anything more than a good time.

6.    Pretend you are having a blackout, and have a sexy candle lit evening.

7.    Go to the beach and hold a sand castle competition.

8.    Hang out at the mall and then split up so that you can each go and buy a sexy small gift for each other.  Set a budget around $10.

9.    Keep a diary or a journal of your special memories and dates together. One night when funds are tight, read them out loud to your partner.

10.    Write a message on their fridge with fun magnet words or letters.

11.    Create a newspaper on your computer with a headline that declares your love.

12.    Make a T-shirt for your partner celebrating a recent accomplishment – “Congrats on the promotion sweetie, I knew you could do it!”

13.    Leave a trail of sexy text messages throughout the day with a series of hints on where they can find you.  It will be in the bathtub, with candles, and an inexpensive bottle of wine.

14.    Make up a crossword with sexy clues and hints that define your relationship.

15.    Call from your cell phone just to tell them that you miss them. Knock on their door two minutes later.

16.    Play hooky and use one of those stockpiled personal days to stay in bed together and do nothing but eat candy, watch soaps, or…come up with your own ideas.

17.    Go to the park and play Frisbee or catch!  Working up a sweat now will give you plenty of ideas to relax later.

18.    Go to the Laundromat and do your laundry together.  It will seem mundane at first, but it will be a coupling experience that will lead to bonding.  Sneak a pair of panties into his load if you dare.

19.    Go to a movie you don’t really care to see, and spend some time kissing only in the darkest corner of the theatre.

20.    Make a pizza together with a kit from the grocery store. One half will be your side of the toppings, the other half will be his.

21.    Make a sexy digital picture of you and send it with your phone.  Even better, make the picture include only a part of your body. Ask him to guess what it is.

22.    Send a sexy e-card and leave the note very suggestive and have him wanting more.

23.    Play 20 questions with each other, allowing each other just that many questions. No rules on this one, answering questions will help you get to know each other better, and maybe even spark some sexy ideas for things to come following the game?

24.    Change your appearance with a wig or a fun costume. Use accessories from the dollar store, it doesn’t have to cost anything.  Your partner will feel like they are coming home to a new mate leaving for some very naughty thoughts.

25.    Call a radio station and have “your song” dedicated to them. Make sure they are around to hear your romantic message.

26.    Take your lover rainy-day puddle-jumping, then enjoy getting dry together!

27.    Do you both enjoy the lime-light? Go out for a night of Karaoke.

28.    Go fly a kite! Take turns helping each other get it into the air.

29.    Are you both book worms? Why not read a book to each other out loud!

30.    Go sledding together for an hour or two, then hurry back home to warm each other up.

31.    Most cities have a public garden. Why not go for a walk in the early summer when the roses are in bloom?

32.    Pack a simple picnic and find a warm spot of grass to snuggle up and enjoy each other.

33.    A lot of public beaches will rent out canoes or paddle boats for a small fee.

34.    Camping is a fun, inexpensive alternative to a weekend away in a hotel. And it gives guys the chance to show off their macho fire-building skills!

35.    Build a snowman together, then fall back and make a couple of snow angels.

36.    Hit the beach together! Build a sand castle and pretend it’s your dream home.

37.    If you’re on a budget and want to make the gift you’re giving your lover seem extraordinary, why not send them on a treasure hunt? Create clues that will lead your lover through several steps to finding their gift.

38.    Stay in bed on a rainy Saturday and read to one another from a book of poetry.

39.    Surprise your lover with a special homemade dinner. Bonus points if you can get their favorite recipe from their mother.

40.    Try networking – your friends may have access to discount or free event tickets through work.

41.    Most towns have a Town Pride week that features free outdoor concerts. Check out the towns in your area!

42.    Do you have family or friends that own a cabin? Ask if you can borrow it for the weekend. If you clean it up before you leave, you may even get to use it again.

43.    If you can’t cook but want to have a nice in-home date with your lover, see if a friend can be your personal chef. Offer to help them out with something that you’re good at, even if it’s mowing their lawn.

44.    Make a card for your lover. It might seem like a small gesture, but it will mean a lot to them.

45.    Card games, board games, and coloring books – often times picking up the games we enjoyed as kids is the best way to relax and enjoy one another.

46.    Leave notes around your lover’s apartment for them to find later.

47.    Make a coupon book for your lover – include things like “Good for 1 Free Back Rub” and “Breakfast in Bed.”

48.    Spend the afternoon at a coffee shop listening to live music.

49.    Join an activity together – book club, intramural sporting team, etc. It will give you guaranteed time together.

50.    Find out if your local ice rink rents skates, and go ice skating together. Most indoor rinks are even open in the summer. You may literally fall more in love with each other!

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