50 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentines IdeasThere’s no question that Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, even if you ARE one of those that believes it is just a Hallmark holiday.  If you are slagging in the romance department with your partner, or even if you aren’t, here’s a great list of romantic ideas that you can do on Valentine’s Day to let them know you care.  Remember, Valentine’s Day is the day where you have all the permission in the world to go over the top.  Just do it!

1.    Champagne picnic breakfast by moonlight, midnight, or even at dawn.

2.    One dozen chocolate roses, the best of BOTH worlds!

3.    Hire a car or limo and have your lover kidnapped to destination of your choice!

4.    The age-old love letter will work every time. Hand write this one.

5.    Heart shaped pizza party.

6.    Draw your lover a bubble bath. The more accessories you add here, candles, perfumed shampoos, and wine, the more points you will score. Extra points if you bathe them yourself!

7.    Send a box of wooden matches with a note that says “I’m hot for you.”

8.    Do for your partner the one thing they hate doing every day. Ironing? Lawn mowing? Making breakfast?  Make their day easier and brighter in an instant.

9.    Re-Enact your first date to the letter.

10.    Rent a two person bike and take a long bike ride together. Finish with a picnic.

11.    Slip your panties or some other sexy piece of you somewhere they are likely to find it on V-Day. Extra points if they are spritzed with their favourite smell of you.

12.    Slow dance to your song.

13.    Don’t have a song?  Today’s a good day to make one together.

14.    Have sex someplace you never have before.  A different room in the house is a good start, why not take it outdoors or someplace public?

15.    Have a professional photographer take some alluring shots of you, and give it to your partner framed as a gift.

16.    Two words – liquid latex.  You can pick it up at any sex store, and well…once you have it on hand, be creative with how you use it.

17.    If you HAVE love letters from your partner from days gone by, frame them and make a wall of fame for them to come home to.

18.    Fireside love.  Rent a room with a fireplace and make love by it all night long.

19.    Whatever you do tonight, the only rules you should have are no cell phone, no land line, and no computer period end of story.

20.    Let your inner cheesiness come out and send romantic texts or voicemails with corny ‘roses are red’ poems. They are cheesy, but guaranteed to bring a smile.

21.    Take a picture of yourself in public somewhere saying “I LOVE (insert name here)” and email it to them.  They will love that you publicly declared your love for them.

22.    Induct the “No Clothing” rule, meaning, as soon as you are both home for the day, the clothes come off. No matter what.

23.    Tell each other a sexy secret.  When you’re naked.

24.    Plan a hot, sexy, beach vacation in as much detail as possible. Whether you can afford it or not, it will be fun fantasizing.

25.    Dress up in costumes and pretend you are meeting each other for the first time.

26.    Forget roses – find out what her favorite flower is, and shower her with those. It will be more meaningful that way.

27.    If your lover expects dinner at a fancy restaurant, make sure you book reservations as early as possible.

28.    Arrive for your date in style: rent a limo!

29.    If a crowded restaurant isn’t your idea of a good time, dine in. Make sure you set the mood with candles and soft music.

30.    Jewelry is a great gift, but make sure it’s meaningful. Find out what metals and jewels she prefers.

31.    Want to take the pressure off your guy? Tell him that you’ll handle the Valentine’s Day plans this year!

32.    Get away from it all: sneak away to a rural Bed & Breakfast. Again, make reservations well in advance!

33.    Present your lover with tickets to somewhere romantic, even if the trip won’t take place immediately.

34.    Build a theme around your Valentine’s Day celebrations. If your lover is mad about Paris, enjoy some Champagne, French cuisine, and sit back to watch Moulin Rouge.

35.    Sending flowers to her workplace works: women love to brag about how thoughtful their guys are!

36.    If your city offers horse-drawn carriage rides, see about booking one. Make sure your lover dresses warmly if it’s going to be a surprise.

37.    Does your lover have a favorite romantic movie? Recreate a love scene for them!

38.    Write your lover a poem – even if it isn’t perfect, they’ll appreciate the effort!

39.    Remember those craft paper hearts you made in grade school? Make one of those for your lover and enjoy the laugher and smiles when they open it up!

40.    Find out what food and scents work as an aphrodisiac, and incorporate them into your evening.

41.    As a pre-Valentine’s Day treat, take your lover shopping for a special dress to wear out on your big date.

42.    If you’re giving your date a special piece of jewelry, ask her to wear a specific outfit that will match your gift (call her girlfriends for help). It will leave her on her toes all night!

43.    Give your lover a list of items to pack, but don’t tell them the destination.

44.    Have you been thinking about moving to the next step in your relationship? You might think that it’s cliché to make the move on Valentine’s Day, but your lover will find it extra romantic!

45.    Order some custom-printed candy hearts with special messages from you to your lover.

46.    Try your hand at making homemade sweets. Your lover will appreciate the effort, even if the outcome isn’t perfect!

47.    If the place you are dining has a piano player, pay them to play a romantic tune, and dance with your lover, even if there isn’t a dance floor.

48.    Recreate your first date and tell your lover how far you’ve fallen in love with them.

49.    Get some special Valentine’s Day lingerie and let your lover unwrap you at the end of your romantic evening.

50.    Get your guy something he really wants, even if it isn’t your idea of romantic – Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on our men, and they deserve a reward for romancing us!

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