Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!

Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!Do you want to give your date the ultimate good time? Impress her and she’s bound to come back for more! Whether you have a million dollars to spend or only a few, planning the ultimate date involves paying attention to the little details. It’s not about money — it’s about attention!

Something Unique. Choose a unique date idea to impress her. Take your date on a plane ride to that famous restaurant, if you are loaded and so inclined. Not so fortunate in the financial department? Planning to pack a homemade dinner in a picnic basket and find a secluded spot on the beach is a great idea. Light a bonfire and eat by its light. Don’t forget the comfy blanket and the wine!

Make Memories. Do something that will give you a keepsake to remember your date. Can you go on a ski lift and get a photograph? How about the roller-coaster at your favorite amusement park? Even if you are taking your new love to the new restaurant in town, make a point of getting a take-out menu and writing the date on it. That way, she knows the night was special to you, and you want it to be special for her, too.

Flowers. Women love flowers, period. Give her a lavish spread of flowers if you can swing it. If you can’t, a simple household jar filled with wildflowers picked from a meadow will show her that you took the time to make her night special — and that kind of attention makes a big impression.

The Details. Does she love chocolate? Impress her by planning to offer a box of high-quality chocolates as soon as you settle her in the car. Does she have a favorite brand of wine? Make sure you bring it along. Does she love seafood? Ask the restaurant to make something very special for her palate. Focus on the tiny details that might otherwise be overlooked, and make the entire night all about her.

Red Carpet Treatment! No matter what you choose to do to impress your date, make sure you show her the red carpet treatment. If you happen to be going somewhere with a red carpet, good for you! But if not, you can still treat her like a star by opening her door, leading her way through a crowd, and making sure the little amenities — like that chilled champagne at the table — is in place before you get to your destination.

Remind her. Call her the next day and tell her how much you enjoyed the date. Send flowers to her workplace with a card expressing how much you like her. Invite her to breakfast the next day and tell her how you feel. Let her know how much that date meant to you!

How To Handle The Online Blind Date

How To Handle The Online Blind DateSo you’re into someone you’ve met while online dating, and now is the time to meet. You’ve been both anticipating and dreading this date for a long time. Even though it’s a blind date, it’s a bit more than that, as you know this person from talking via instant messenger and perhaps the phone, too. It’s a unique situation, to put it mildly—but it’s becoming more common every day.

How do you handle the online blind date? Here are a few ways to make it the best experience:

Always send current pictures. If you have a picture of someone in your head and it turns out that they aren’t like that at all, you will have to rethink your stance on the relationship. That’s why it’s important to send the most current pictures of yourself while online dating. In fact, using a web-cam or sending digital shots that were taken quite recently will go a long way toward eliminating the “what do you really look like” factor.

Have a way out. As with any blind date, you should always have an escape call. Arrange for your friend to call you at one hour into the date, and take the call, no matter what. You can then decide if you want to feign an emergency and get out of there, or if you want to continue getting to know this person you’ve just met.

Have some protection. No, we don’t mean in the sexual sense! We’re talking about protection in the literal sense. Always meet in a public place, and don’t go anywhere private on the first date. If there are any red flags or uneasy feelings, you can always walk away in a public setting. If you decide to stay longer than you had intended, or perhaps even spend the night with your date, schedule a “safe call” with a friend and let them know exactly where you are.

Bring a friend. If you are truly nervous and uncertain about meeting your online blind date, bring a friend along with you. They don’t have to actually sit with you – just ask them to hang out nearby where they can see you at all times. It’s a nice safety precaution that will allow you to get out of there quickly if you need to, and you will have someone to back you up.

Don’t get your hopes up. In most cases, the fantasy is much better than the reality. Give yourself plenty of time to adjust to the fact that this person in front of you is the same person you have been getting to know online and over the phone. The sudden change in perspective can make you wonder what you are getting into! So don’t get your hopes up, and give yourself plenty of time to decide if you want that second date…or the third…or even more.

Top 5 Ways To Ruin A Romantic Date

Top 5 Ways To Ruin A Romantic DateYou might know what makes for a great romantic date — but what about those moments when the date comes to a screeching halt and all your romantic notions disappear? It can happen if you don’t follow some simple rules of dating etiquette.

Never, ever do these things while on a date. Unless, of course, you want to ruin the date to get out of the nightmarish night — then, by all means, have at it!

Talk about your woes. Nobody wants to hear about your job layoff, your mother’s arthritis, or your best friend’s wild night that ended with both of you arrested. Don’t talk about your money situation, the fact that you are wearing the only shirt your ex left you after burning all the rest of your things on the front lawn, or how many times you have been cheated on by people who just didn’t “understand” you. A poor-pity-me attitude is the first sign of a loser, and your date would be wise to cut and run.

Tell her you love her. Have you known her for all of two hours and you’re falling in love before dessert? Perhaps love at first sight does exist, but it’s usually a mutual meeting of the minds and comes once in a million lifetimes. It’s safe to say that this dinner at the fast-food joint is probably not that moment. Telling you love your date makes you look desperate, and that’s another good reason for your date to never return another call.

Drink too much. Oh, boy…we don’t have to clarify this one, do we? Nobody wants a sloppy drunk insisting they really are okay to drive home! Stick to one or two glasses of wine, and if you are the person behind the wheel, don’t drink a drop. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Ask your date to pick up the tab. Asking someone to go Dutch should be mentioned before the date happens, and many people will be cool with that. But sticking your date with the tab after you’ve “treated” them to the perfect dinner is not kosher at all. Don’t offer that old line about how you left your wallet at home, either. Does anybody really buy that?

Call your date by your ex’s name. This is a show-stopper if there ever was one. Mentioning your ex is bad enough and should be avoided at all costs, but actually calling someone else by that ex’s name is cause to be kicked out on your ass, no questions asked. If you aren’t over your ex, don’t start dating again. It will be doing everyone a big favor.

Dating After Divorce Tips

Dating After DivorceDating again after a divorce can be a daunting prospect, but you have every right to find companionship. When you are ready to start dating again, take a deep breath, relax, and take these tips to heart:

Make certain you’re ready. When you think you’re ready to start dating after divorce, give it a few extra months. Getting over a divorce is tough, no matter what the reasons for it. Even if you had an amicable divorce, moving back into the dating game might take some time. Don’t rush yourself — you will be much happier if you take your time.

Keep it very simple. Let your first date be a simple one that allows you the time to get to know someone new. Don’t go for a movie or something else that would stilt the conversation, unless you plan on having a nice dinner afterward. Perhaps simply having dinner, and planning on talking for as long as you like, is the simplest way to slip back into the dating game.

Don’t talk about your ex. The last thing someone else wants to hear is how things went wrong with you and your ex. If they do ask, keep the explanation as simple as you can and change the subject. Tell them you don’t want to dwell on the old, and you’re looking forward to the new. If they don’t respect that decision, then they probably aren’t the person you need to be dating anyway.

Consider double dating. Why go it alone? Double date with a friend or allow yourself to be set up on a blind date with the understanding that your friend will stay with you all throughout the date. Double dating turns it into a group atmosphere and takes the pressure off everyone involved.

Look online. If you are still wary of getting involved with someone but you want to find some companionship, consider looking online for someone to talk with. Chatting back and forth with someone from a personals site allows you to move forward at your leisure, when you’re ready. That’s something any divorced person can appreciate.

3 Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Date

How To Get Out Of A Bad DateYou might know the feeling. You’re in the middle of a date with someone you didn’t know very well before the night began, but now you want to know even less of them. You are tired of the constant “me” discussion; you want to get home and kick out of your clothes, and preferably you want to do it alone, because this particular date is not coming home with you. Ever.

How do you get out of the date from hell? Here are a few tried-and-true ideas:

The Out Call. A very popular way to get out of a bad date situation. The out call works like this: At a designated time, a good friend will call you to make sure you’re okay. If you are enjoying yourself, you can tell them good night and keep the date going. But if you need an out, you’ve got it! Decide ahead of time on an emergency that requires your immediate attention, and if you want to get away, pretend that emergency has come up. Say a brief goodbye and hit the road.

Act the total bitch. Want to walk away from a bad date but the guy won’t take the hint? Walk away by being a total bitch. Criticize everything. Make inappropriate comments. Tell him you normally don’t date guys like him, and come up with plenty of reasons why. Don’t worry about hurting his feelings – by the time you’re done, the hate will be mutual.

Be far too sweet. Don’t want to be a bitch? Go the other way. Talk about love and babies and marriage on the first date. Show your date that you are ready to walk down the aisle, and ask him what kind of ring he dreams about giving you. Start planning every day of his life right there at the table. Trust me, the man will run away fast – and if he doesn’t, it’s time for you to strap on your running shoes, because he’s on the desperate side.