Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!

Planning The Ultimate Date To Impress Her!Do you want to give your date the ultimate good time? Impress her and she’s bound to come back for more! Whether you have a million dollars to spend or only a few, planning the ultimate date involves paying attention to the little details. It’s not about money — it’s about attention!

Something Unique. Choose a unique date idea to impress her. Take your date on a plane ride to that famous restaurant, if you are loaded and so inclined. Not so fortunate in the financial department? Planning to pack a homemade dinner in a picnic basket and find a secluded spot on the beach is a great idea. Light a bonfire and eat by its light. Don’t forget the comfy blanket and the wine!

Make Memories. Do something that will give you a keepsake to remember your date. Can you go on a ski lift and get a photograph? How about the roller-coaster at your favorite amusement park? Even if you are taking your new love to the new restaurant in town, make a point of getting a take-out menu and writing the date on it. That way, she knows the night was special to you, and you want it to be special for her, too.

Flowers. Women love flowers, period. Give her a lavish spread of flowers if you can swing it. If you can’t, a simple household jar filled with wildflowers picked from a meadow will show her that you took the time to make her night special — and that kind of attention makes a big impression.

The Details. Does she love chocolate? Impress her by planning to offer a box of high-quality chocolates as soon as you settle her in the car. Does she have a favorite brand of wine? Make sure you bring it along. Does she love seafood? Ask the restaurant to make something very special for her palate. Focus on the tiny details that might otherwise be overlooked, and make the entire night all about her.

Red Carpet Treatment! No matter what you choose to do to impress your date, make sure you show her the red carpet treatment. If you happen to be going somewhere with a red carpet, good for you! But if not, you can still treat her like a star by opening her door, leading her way through a crowd, and making sure the little amenities — like that chilled champagne at the table — is in place before you get to your destination.

Remind her. Call her the next day and tell her how much you enjoyed the date. Send flowers to her workplace with a card expressing how much you like her. Invite her to breakfast the next day and tell her how you feel. Let her know how much that date meant to you!

5 Ways To Hook Her On Your Very First Date

5 Ways To Hook Her On Your Very First DateThink women are enigmas that you can’t figure out? Think again! There are certain things that will catch her attention on the very first date, and are guaranteed to keep you on your mind long after the goodnight kiss is over. Here’s where you start:

Pay attention. You’re on a date with her, so make her the center of your attention. Don’t notice anyone else in the room — unless, of course, it is someone that has made you both laugh, privately, together. Lots of eye contact is good, and keep your body language open toward her. Show her that you are entirely there, entirely present, and in the moment.

Give honest compliments. Don’t just tell her she looks hot. Tell her why. You have to understand: Women are told they are hot, pretty, sexy, and beautiful all the time. It’s a way men try to get into a woman’s pants. If you compliment her, do it with sincerity. “I love your hair — that shade of red makes your pretty blue eyes stand out” or “You have the most delicate hands” are comments tailored toward her. She will definitely notice the difference.

Ask questions. Show her that you want to know everything about her. Ask questions about everything from her kids to her job to her dog. Share tidbits of your own life, too. Make a point of getting to know her, and if you want to really impress her, bring up something she said early in the conversation as the night is getting late. It shows her you remember what she said.

“Tell me more.” If she’s talking about something that interests you, go further. Ask questions about it. Ask her to tell you more. If you simply want to know the little details of her life, tell her that, too. Ask her questions about her favorite memory, the best time in her life, or the things that make her smile.

Reveal something. Talk about yourself, but not in the general sense. Tell her things about you that make her want to know you better, things that reveal a softer side of you. Tell her about your childhood dream and what you think of it now. Tell her about your parents. Tell her how much you loved and miss your grandparents. Give her something to connect to — and she will definitely remember you long after the night is over.

Top 10 Romantic Ideas For Her

Top 10 Romantic Ideas For HerAre you running out of ideas to wow that awesome woman in your life? Here are a few great new romantic ideas that are sure to spice up the same old date night. Which ones will work for your beloved?

Chick-flick Night. Plan a movie night with only chick flicks…but you are the one to choose them! Go to your local movie rental place and ask those behind the counter for the ultimate chick-flick bonanza. Get two or three of the movies they suggest, pop the popcorn, and settle in for an evening she is sure to love.

Cologne Shopping. Let her “mark” her territory by taking her to the store and asking her to pick out which cologne smells best on you. Something that appeals to her will become your signature scent, and you can wear it whenever you go out – and you can spray it on her pillows to make sure she dreams of you while you’re away.

Salon Visit for Two. Salons are not just for women anymore! Visit a co-ed salon and let her laugh at you as you get that mani-pedi combo. Who knows? You might love it!

Dinner in Bed. You’ve heard of breakfast in bed, but what about dinner? Light finger sandwiches, lots of fruit, and crunchy veggies with dip make for an easy dinner. And of course, dessert is you!

An Evening in the Tub. Give her the ultimate spa experience by lighting candles throughout the bathroom, filling the tub with bubble bath, pouring her a delicious adult beverage, and sitting in the bathroom with her while she soaks. Spend the evening washing her body and talking about everything under the sun. She will love it!

Read Your Love. Write a story or poem about your beloved, and read it to her when you are in a secluded, romantic place. The best way to do this is while on a paddle boat in the middle of a lake. Romance sets sail!

The Bookstore Date. Take your love to a bookstore and browse the aisles. Most bookstores have small cafes in them, so take advantage and buy her something sweet. Let her pick out books you will both enjoy, buy two copies, and make a point of reading them together.

Play Lingerie Dress-Up. Want to insert some serious spice? Take her to a lingerie store and let her play dress-up for you! Sit outside the dressing room while she models each piece, then choose the ones you will take home for a bit more private viewing.

The Planetarium Date. Bask under the stars in the comfort of the planetarium. Take in a show while sitting in those reclining chairs in the utter darkness…it’s a great place to kiss under the stars!

Act Like Kids Again! Take your date to a drive-in movie. You might wind up spending most of it steaming up the windows, which is exactly the point. When is the last time you made out like teenagers? The drive-in movie is a good place to start!